Lessons Learned Branch


The mission of the Lessons Learned Branch is to support the evidence based transformation of military medical procedures and protocols with the provision of solid tactical – clinical observations, lessons and best practice.


Medical Observations and Lessons are the major contributing factors for the transformation of Military Medicine. Evidence Based Medicine in Military Health Services needs to be facilitated by systematically captured and catalogued clinical experiences and best practises. The main deliverable of Lessons Learned Branch is to provide the IT background of the project and to provide Subject Matter Expertise in data collection.

The other priority mission of the branch is the involvement in the establishment of the NATO Trauma Registry. The trauma registries are useful tools in civilian clinical health care environment. The main goals are to monitor the quality of the delivered trauma care and validate the existing and new algorithms and procedures. NATO MILMED COE has an important role in overarching coordination and facilitation on the establishment and – later - on the management of the system. The Branch will provide overarching coordination between existing and future military Trauma Registries.


Branch Chief: Captain (N) Dr. Chris Westbrook (USA)


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