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MG JR Bernier webThe Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) is the senior committee for medical care within the Organization. It acts as the central point for the development and coordination of military medical matters and for providing medical advice to the NATO Military Committee.

The military medical community plays a key enabling role within NATO and, more specifically, within NATO’s defence planning process. The military medical community not only provides medical care, but also preventive health care, veterinary support and psychological support for deployed troops. It provides essential combat service support, making it one of the key planning domains for operations, along with armaments, logistics, air traffic management and other areas of specialization.

COMEDS makes recommendations concerning the development and assessment of NATO military medical policy and procedures for medical support. It seeks to improve existing arrangements between member countries in the fields of co-ordination, standardization and interoperability. It also helps to improve the exchange of information between countries so, for instance, advances made by one member state are available to all. Additionally, COMEDS undertakes studies of general and particular interest such as preventive medicine, dental service, food hygiene and military psychiatry. For this purpose, it has several subordinate working groups and expert panels to which subject matter experts contribute.   The meetings of the chiefs of Military Medical Services are conducted bi-annually and include participants from member and partner countries. (Source:

The current COMEDS Chairman is MG Jean-Robert BERNIER (CAN) (pictured), the Liasion Officer is COL Gerald J.M. ROTS (NLD) since 18 November 2015. For more information on COMEDS please read the presentation.


Please note that the COMEDS working documents still remain hosted on the official NATO Standardization Office (NSO) website (you need to register to get access). 

For any COMEDS related questions please contact the COMEDS Liaison Officer at or check the article on COMEDS on the official NATO website


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