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Registration: Please contact NATO MILMED COE Training Branch Course Admin at or in case of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call 00 36 883 01132.

Tuition fee: The basic fee is 400,-EUR per course. The basic course fee for students from Sponsoring Nations is 280,-EUR.

Method of payment: The tuition fee must be transferred to the MILMED COE Bank account (see the details below) 30 days before the course kicks off.

OTP BANK Plc. Central Office

1051 Budapest Bajcsy Zsilinszky street 24.Hungary


GIRO NO: 11763945-01861884-00000000

IBAN NO: HU83 1176 3945 0186 1884 0000 0000


The subject in case of the money transfer should include the “student name or at least the nationality” and the name of the course or training eg. “PECC”. If an official invoice is required please contact the MILMED COE Financial Officer; – with the respective details in accordance with STANAG 2034. During the course an original copy of a receipt/invoice will be handed over.



Reference documentation need to be read prior to the course start. The promulgated versions of reference documents are available at NSA website (registration required).


Course participants excluding ePrime students are responsible to arrange their own accommodation however in case of any assistance needed do not hesitate to contact There are preferred Hotels/Accommodation locations because MILMED COE provides daily transfers between the preferred Hotels and the course venue. The participants are kindly requested to get familiar with the various venues of MILMED COE courses and to inform the Course Administrator about their accommodation.

For courses organized in Budapest, Hungary, the recommended accommodation will be included in the student information package and sent via email prior to the course.

For courses organized in Hamburg, Germany the recommended accommodation is at Ibis Hotel Wansbeck. Reservation should be made by the course participants using the title of the course, EMPT. The price for a single room is approximately 92,- EUR, the rate includes breakfast.

For courses organized in Feldkirchen the recommended accommodation is at the barracks of the Gaubondenkaserne which is provided by the Bundeswehr. Those who do not wish to stay in the barracks must make their own arrangements and are asked to inform the Course Administrator.

For courses organized in Marseille, the recommended accommodation is at the barracks of camp militaire de Sainte-Marthe.

Those who do not wish to stay in the proposed hotels must make their own arrangements and are asked to inform the Course Administrator via email

Lunch is provided at the course venues for approximately 4,- EUR per meal, if the participant has any dietary restrictions he or she must indicate it in the registration form, the menu details will be available on site. There is no dinner service provided by the COE.


Students are required to make their own travel arrangements to the Course venues. The MILMED COE provides local transportation from the recommended accommodation to the course site during the days of the course.


NATO Travel Orders or National Travel orders and valid (military) ID are required.


The standard dress code for MILMED COE courses is field uniform (BDU). Civilian dress may also be authorized by the Course Director for certain occasions.


The classification of the courses is NATO UNCLASSIFIED. Students are allowed to bring laptops, PDA’s or mobile phone to the NATO MILMED COE, but they must be switched off during classes. There is a wireless network for internet that is accessible by system with the latest versions operation system and all security updates installed (i.e. Windows XP sp3, Windows 7 and Mac Lion).


If you have registered and are not able to participate, you are asked to inform the COE and your national course POC as soon as possible.


Currency of Hungary: Hungarian Forint (HUF). Please check the central rate on central bank the Magyar Nemzeti Bank webpage. VISA, MasterCard and other major international credit cards are usually accepted at the hotels, restaurants, larger shops or supermarkets. National bankcards with the “Maestro” logo are accepted at the majority of shops and restaurants.

10. POC

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the NATO MILMED COE Training Branch Chief via e-mail training@coemed.orgor via phone +36-1-883-110. To register or to get more administrative information please contact



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