NATO Emergency Medical Multinational Team (EMMT) Training (COE-MED-M4-006)

Training organized in cooperation with the Bundeswehr Military Hospital, Hamburg

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EMMT Course in line with the NATO Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) aims to enhance the high level of interconnectedness and interoperability Medical Forces have achieved on operations and with partners. EMMT Training contains comprehensive multinational team training on emergency medicine to ensure that Medical Forces remain prepared to engage cooperatively in the future and be able to operate with partners in any environment.

Practical skills are practiced and reviewed in the Bundeswehr Military Hospital’s outstanding Simulation Centre  in Hamburg in order to improve the skills through evaluator feedback.

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Photos:Bundeswehrkrankenhäusern Klinisches Simulations- und Trainingszentrum 

and Sanitaetsdienst Bundeswehr Erstes Simulationszentrum eingerichtet

Lectures from international instructors will include topics such as:

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Cultural Differences Discussion
  • National Presentations on Manning and Capabilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Tactical Field Care
  • Hand-over/Take-over; Stress Management; Review of ATLS and PHTLS principles
  • Multinational Team Training

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course the student should:

LO 1 Identify cultural and traditional differences

LO 2 Qualify differences in medical capabilities, skills and its consequences

LO 3 Gain skills to effectively resolve issues characteristic for multinational cooperation in the pre-clinical phase.

Target Audience:

Educated and trained emergency care personnel to improve and preserve their skills to effectively contribute in a Multinational Medical Treatment Facility.

For registration please contact NATO MILMED COE Training Branch Course Admin at or in case of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call +36 883 0132.

MILMED COE courses are also available via the NATO ePRIME system; students from NATO partner nations can get reimbursed up to 100%.


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